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Ad overload.

  1. No fighting please. :)

    But how much is too much ads on a site, in your opinion? How about if the ads are ads or ads that are popular and well known brands? I'm not talking about those pesky ads that pop up over underlined text or an ad integrated in each and every post. But mostly sidebar ads with one also at the header and footer. Thank you.

  2. Just no animation, please! I hate that.

    Footer ads look really cheezy and nobody reads them compared to other placements.

    Pop up and pop under ads are evil and disabled by most users nowadays.

  3. I agree with rain on all three points.

    I also hate those banner ads at the end of every blog article.

    The blogs that I visit that are 3 column blogs often only have ads in one of their sidebars. They are also not really loud or flashy so maybe a 3 column theme might be the way to go.

    You could visit "the site that cannot be named" and see what you think about the ads on blogs over there.

  4. defrostindoors

    What they said. Small, non-blinky ads are the way to go, and they should be informative. I see a lot of ads which don't entice me at all to click on them and see what they're on about. There was a fad awhile back for ads which started talking when you rolled over them. ("Hi, I'm Emily" as well as those godawful AIM icons) The people responsible for those should be dragged over carpet tacks and thrown into a vat of rubbing alcohol.

  5. Ads? There are ads on the internet?

    Me loves Firefox + Adblock Plus + NoScript

    Seriously though, for the times when I'm in IE, blinking/flashing/noisy/popping ads drive me nuts. Small text ones are fine with me. I don't have a problem with most of the Google Ads. They're usually not too intrusive.

  6. Some of the ads move. Is that okay?

  7. No, I hate that. Seriously, I hate that. I closed a page today as soon as an ad started blinking.

  8. Are there any other well known, respectable, household name brand type affiliates like around?

  9. I also absolutely hate the amazon ads that move. But more than that I hate the voki ones that someone recently requested on the ideas forum

  10. @nosy
    Here's a website that you should look at because it's all about how to make money from your blog

  11. Um, kind of moot, isn't? Since this is

  12. @nosy: covers ad providers quite often

  13. @drmike
    I'm pretty sure that nosy started a new blog elsewhere and was asking for advertising opinions about it.

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