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  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking and dreaming big here -- If I managed to get my blog to 25,000 page views/month, how much revenue could my blog earn under the AdSense arrangement (50/50 revenue split with WordPress)? How much is earned per ad click?

    Also can I qualify for AdSense with my meager 1,700 monthly page views?

    Margarida Correia

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please read the entry located at the link I post below and direct all your questions sot Staff as Volunteers cannot answer them.
    AdControl program >
    Staff >

    I can tell you that you will not make a significant amount of revenue at all. Most self-hosted blogs with that traffic inflowing steadily at that level garner not much more income than what the cost of web hosting amounts to in a year. In the case of a free hosted blog that has bee ccepted into the AdControl program the income is split 50% - 50% with

  3. Thanks for getting back to me. Did you mean that revenue would be insignificant at the 25,000 monthly hit rate or the 1,700 rate?

  4. mcorreia - how many ads do YOU click on? I NEVER click on ads - ever.

  5. @mcorreia
    There is more information here > and any other questions you have must be answered by Staff.

  6. @mcorreia
    I forgot to mention two things so here they are:
    (1) when we members are logged into we do not see ads;
    (2) anyone using a browser with and adblocker like Firefox with AdBlock Plus cannot see the ads, and the browser stats indicate that 42.9 % of those surfing the internet are using Firefox browsers.

  7. timethief -- thank you.

    teamoyeniyi -- I never click on ads -- I realize it's going to be tough earning money on ad clicks, but I'm still not dissuaded from trying -- perhaps foolishly so...

  8. @mcorreia
    You're welcome. Best of luck to you. :)

  9. I have the ad control program on my blog and more hits than that and the total revenue for a month is projected to be less than five dollars.

  10. raincoaster -- that's very discouraging. Congratulations, though, on having such a popular blog. :)

  11. @taincaster
    Thanks for posting your reality check.

    There are many people spreading the myth that one can make a fortune from a blog. As I said above even with the traffic flow of 25,000 page views/month you will only make enough income to equal what it would have cost for a years web hosting.

  12. oops! I'm so sorry I meant to type "raincoaster" above.

  13. Just wanted to add another voice in here. When my blog was self-hosted (and popular with real content), I made about $8 a month, so $5 a month on the 50/50 Ad Control program is pretty darn good!

  14. And I have to add that it is incorrect to state that when logged in we do not see ads. I do not use an ad blocker. Every time I visit rain's blog, the most recent post always has a Google ad on it. I'm assuming it's because of the Ad Control program.

  15. Yeah, that's the Ad Control bit there.

    We know that we're okay with hiding ads to logged in folk, but if you want Ad Control, we're pretty sure that you want as much revenue as possible, so we change that around a bit.

  16. You know the other thing that affects ad revenue is your demographic. Some content just seems to draw the types of people that are more likely to click on ads than others. I've seen that with some past clients that did ads.

    The income from Ad Control at an average of $5 per month ($60 per year) here would cover a CSS upgrade, domain name and domain mapping ($32 total) leaving you $28 or several designer coffees or a nice bottle of Merlot.

    From what I've read in a few places, those that make several hundred to a thousand per month on ads end up spending more time monitoring, SEO'ing, adjusting and futzing with the ad stuff than they do putting out content. The content becomes subservient to the ads. You end up watching what types of content generate the most ad revenue and then end up skewing your content in that direction, and this is not always a conscious thing. It just sort of seems to happen.

  17. Well, god knows I stopped posting Beaver Shots a long time ago. Are you saying I should start?

  18. Heh, might give it a try. There are lots of Beavers in Canukistan I've heard.

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