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    how do i add ‘an about me’ on the side like she has it???

    The blog I need help with is


    You add that by going to Appearance>Widgets and adding a Text widget.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). Helps us help you.



    thnx! Oh and here’s my blog I baredly made it :)


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    Right. You don’t have any posts. Nor have you edited your “about” page


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    OK my test blog is now really messed up. Is there a tip about making it pristine again? I can’t seem to answer anything anymore…

    Sorry for hijacking this thread.


    @tess: Perhaps you should first define “messed up”! Anyway, I’d probably start by deleting all posts and text widgets.


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    I’ve been using it to store code snippets, and it has some background color codes and stuff that even hide the Digg3 clunky header image (how did that happen?) Even Chaos Theory is messed up. imported posts from my “real” blog for test purposes, and a small gallery of images. Oh, and widgets added. And I’ve apparently added links to navigation tabs, maybe a static home page, but not in all theme???. Child pages that don’t seem to have parents or maybe they are just hidden. Text widgets and otherwise. and i guess code from people’s questions, like their images or other stuff.

    Anyway, the OP (original poster) has now edited the about page and still does not have info about adding a text widget to her blog for the “about me” thingy. Sorry.
    (apparently the video works, but not the rest????––reporting to support now)



    How about selecting all posts and hitting Delete? If it’s just a test blog, it shouldn’t matter.


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    I think just deleting the widgets would do it, but the weird stuff going on with html background code is sort of puzzling. Like why would it cover up the header on Digg3 and some other themes? I’m not smart enough to figure out why that is happening or what use it would be, so yes, just delete. delete. delete.
    reverberations of Dr. Who…



    As for the code snippets, I keep them in a text file, not as working samples in the test blog.


    (There’s also the more radical solution of dumping the whole thing and registering a new test blog.)


    In other words, morning Tess!

    (Well it’s morning where I am, and the birds have started to sing…)


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    Got to love the birds. There is a tiny wren that keeps repeating the same descending scale for hours and hours. and hours. but I’m sleeping now so I can’t hear it.

    I know. text files. but I’m lazy…

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