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Add a button link next to the home link

  1. How do i add another button next to the home link just under the logo?

    It cam with a default button saying "about" at the start. Also, is there a way of linking it to another site rather than to another page of my blog?

  2. (1) You can add as many "pages" as you choose to. Here is how to do that -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Write -> Pages -> Add Page
    (2) Your "About" [this blog] page is naturally linked to your blog. You can include links on the page to other url (s) just as you can in any post *provided* this is not being done in contravention of the terms of service ToS as blogs are not to be used to drive traffic to other urls.

  3. This blog is part of my main site. Can I have a link to that?

  4. I don't know what you mean but don't worry drmike will be online again tomorrow.

  5. That link bar is only for the Pages that you create. you would have to edit the theme to get something else in there and to do that since we're on a shared environment, you would be editing everybody else's theme and they would be doing the same to you.

    having said that, I do remember a thread in the css subforum where someone figure out a method to get links along underneath the logo. can someone please find that discussion. I'm down to about 2 minutes.

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