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Add a Domain that I do not own

  1. I have followed the instructions (read the FAQ, etc) to add a domain that I do not own. I am willing to pay the 15 credits, but when I click on add a domain on the options/domain section, it keeps popping up an error. What can I do?? Thanks.

  2. Vivian, I'm not sure, but I'm not sure this is connected to the FAQ. A few of us have already noticed that there seems to be a problem with adding a new domain, in this other thread from yesterday:

    The issue is that you'll type in the domain, but you are never directed to the "Pay for credits" page. Instead, it just tells you that that the domain isn't connected to -- which it obviously isn't, because it hasn't been bought yet! I'm not sure how to solve this problem, so hopefully someone from WP will see these messages.

  3. Based on the number of people who are experiencing this problem, it seems like this thread would be better filed in "support" rather than "questions." Can it also be put into support, or does the WP staff check the questions forum also?

  4. Support will reopen Monday at 9AM PST (open until 4pm PST). The staff does come into the forums sometimes but mostly it's just the volunteers. The best we can do is link to the information already available as none of us has backend access.

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