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    Can anyone please help me, and tell me step by step (I´m really a total beginner and I hardly understand this pc-language, but I try!) how to add a flickrbadge to my sideblog? So far I have created the badge and I copy the (very, very, very long) code at the flickr page. THEN I log in at my weblog, go to “bookmarks”, and to “add bookmark”. But where do I paste the long code??? In the URI or the image URI, Notes or WHERE?



    Hi ihanne,

    Unfortuantely you’ve gone off in a bit of a wrong direction I think. In order to add the flickr badge you need to use the flickr “widget”, rather than the badge that they provide on the flickr site. Here we go, step by step :)

    1. Log into your flickr account
    2. On the front page select Yours at the top. This will show only your pictures.
    3. Scroll down to just above the grey bit, and you’ll see some text saying “Feeds for *username* photostream Available as RSS 2.0 and Atom”
    4. Right-click with your mouse on the RSS 2.0 link, and select “Copy shortcut” or “Copy link location” depending on your browser

    Right you’ve now got your flickr feed.

    1. Log into your account
    2. From the dashboard select Presentation then Sidebar Widgets
    3. Drag the Flickr widget from the left column to the right hand column
    4. Click on the blue box with lines in it at the top right of the flickr widget
    5. In the box that pops up, click in the one that says Flickr RSS URL
    6. Go to Edit -> Paste in your browser, and you’re flickr feed url should be in the box (if not, repeat the first set of instructions)
    7. Click the [X] at the top right of the box. Then hit Save Changes

    You’re flickr photo thingy should now work!

    Best of luck,



    THANKS! Thanks a lot for your help!!! It´s actally working! Now I have photoes in the sidebar. Now I just want to figure out how to replace them with a flash badge. Please, could I ask you to do me a favour and guide me to that too???



    As mutube had pointed out, u cannot have a flickr badge on the hosted blog.
    May be you have a third party hosting site (with wordpress installed ), u could use a Flickr Widget for it. But with the current blog u cannot have a flickr badge.



    Thanks Mutube…. I was wondering the same thing and your directions were great : )



    But when I try to change it and put new pictures up. Even when I delete the pictures and upload new ones and re copy the RSS feed code and add it back into flickr it still has the old pictures on it.



    The sidebars are cached. You’re probably running into that. You are clicking on teh save button though, right?


    Hugs iBookG4 Screen. My flicker works on my new blog. Thank you mutube!



    The sidebar flickr widget works great for me, but it’d be oh-so-nice to have the option of presenting either the most recent photos OR a random selection…. Just a thought for those copious free hours I know you developers must have. :-)



    either the most recent photos

    Have you tried the Flickr widget with the RSS feed from your Flickr account?



    The Flickr badge caused 11 xhtml errors on my page. Is there a way that you guys can provide this in a way that validates properly? Just wondering. I like the badge, but I would rather have valid xhtml.



    *chuckle* a quick turn around Google shows that this is a common problem with Flickr in general. I would think just moving the CSS to the header would work though.



    Hi, I was able to get the Flickr wwidget on my page, but now I can’t get my blog roll list back on there. I tried doing it Sidebar Widgets part, but the links won’t show up on my blog page.



    I see your links. I’m going to assume that you’ve fixed whatever issue you were having. :)



    Although I do not have a need for flickr at this point in time I want to request that the detailed, step by step instructions mutube gave does end up in the FAQ’s. Tx.



    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am a complete newbie and thught blogging would be fun, and I’ learning what’s what BUT I’ve been trying since yesterday to find the RSS 2.0 ON FLICKER. Now my pics are on my blog. Thank you!


    I have the Flickr widget in ( but like vickyth’s it isn’t random. Since we’re drawing from a bunch of folks who’ve all tagged their Botswana (African country) photos with ‘blogswana’ and are posting that RSS through the widget, it would really be nice for it to be random instead of just posting the first 7. Any way to make it do this? Or is there another plugin out there that will if this one won’t?



    You would have to make the RSS feed in question random and I believe there’s no method to do that. All the widget does it pull the information over from Flickr every so often.


    OK. Thanks. That being the case, any suggestions on ANY method of FORCING an occasional change in the visible photos? (Keeping in mind they’re from disparate sources.) Thanks again.



    Honest answer – not really. But I’m not a flickr user so I really couldn’t tell you. It’s my understanding that RSS is suppose to be the latest items being published. I gather you don’t have any option over there for a random feed?

    The other issue is that we’ve been told that the sidebars are cached and the RSS isn’t pulled every time it’s loaded into your browser. So, it wouldn’t really be random anyway and would dupe as you flip through the site.

    I have on my todo list walkthrus for the widgets and I plan on mucking around with a flickr account. Hopefully I’ll get to it someday. :)

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