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add a flickr badge to sideblog

  1. Muchisimas gracias Mutube.
    Tal vez no entiendes loq ue estoy poniendo pero en realidad me ayudaste muchisimo.

    De nuevo Muchas Gracias

  2. hockamama,

    When you login to you flickr accout, click on 'Your photos'. You should see what Flickr call your 'photostream', basically all your recent photos. Now, scroll to the very bottom of this page and you should see the little orange RSS icon and some text next to it saying something like 'subscribe to *your username* photos'. It is this link that you need to insert into the widget.



  3. I wrote a plugin for this that is very simple to use. It uses Flickr's flash badge.

    Go here to download it

    [Link broken - drmike]

  4. Someone wrote a Read me first as well. :)

    You must have missed it.

  5. I followed the procedure (2nd post in this thread) exactly and it still doesn't work. I've copied my RSS link on flickr, pasted that in the flickr widget on WP, and all I get is a blank box which is linked to my flickr account. Is something broken?

  6. After changing nothing since my last post, it appears to work now. Maybe it takes a while for RSS to kick in over at flickr?

  7. The sidebars here at cached to help save processor power. Especially the RSS feeds since else they would be being polled every time a page loaded. You may have run into that.

    I know on my WPMU setup, RSS feeds renew/ recheck/ revisit every six minutes.

  8. Actually I have a slightly different need with flickr/wordpress. My wordpress blog is about India, and I've been using the flickr widget. Up until recently, the widget showed my most recent photos in flickr, which were of India.

    However, I just uploaded new photos to flickr, and now my wordpress blog widget is showing those newest photos instead of the India ones. Because my blog is only about India, I'd really like to display ONLY those photos through the flickr widget. Is there any way to do this? To maybe have the flickr widget display only a certain collection, set, or photos with a certain tag? This would be really helpful. If that's not an option, I sure wish WordPress would let us use the flickr badge.


  9. I think if you go to the Flickr page for the set, there is a specific feed URL you can use. I'll check. BRB...

  10. Just for reference, you only need to post once about a issue or question. making multiple posts just creates more work for the volunteers here. Please don't do it.

    I've gone ahead and deleted your other posts.

    But to answer the question, can't you assign tags to series of posts and be provided a feed URL for that tag? I think you can.

  11. I just checked with Flickr, and they don't have feeds for certain sets or collections. What you can do, though, is set up a Flickr group with a pool of your India photos, then use the feed that comes with that.

  12. THANKS FOR THAT! I just used it and it worked.

  13. Will ever support Flickr Badges? The Flickr RSS sidebar widget is very badly formatted (i.e. not at all formatted) and far less sexy than Flickr's own badges. The widget takes up way too much room and has no options for photo layout besides vertically with tons of padding.

  14. thistimethisspace

    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot answer this question only staff can. Please contact staff and make your case to them using this link

  15. I tryed and worked just fine. but i miss the java option. so sorry i have to leave it.

  16. mooooooooooooooooooo

  17. Thanks for the help mutube, it was very much appreciated.

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