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Add a forum on the site

  1. I was wondering, i seen it on a blog if you could have a forum on the site, like when you click on the navigation bar, it takes you to the forums and its on the actual website....

  2. Not here I'm afraid. We've been suggesting that you create one over at and link to it.

  3. Ok, cheers buddy.

  4. WordPress will have Forum hosting later this year, until then, proboards is a good choice.

  5. We will? First I've heard about it.

  6. Correct, but I don't know anything more than that.
    Argh, why must there be these limits on how quickly I can post. I have multiple threads open in tabs here and have to wait to post. I know WHY this is so but still.

  7. Proboards *puke* InvisionFree is SO Much better! :)

  8. I just posted about the one I was sending a ToS violation to at the time. :)

    Gotta admit that I like Invision as well but it still concerns me that IF is on version 1.3 while the regular version of Invision is up around 2-something.

  9. If is soo much better, iv moved to phpbb, so much easier hshahahaha!

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