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    I want to add a friend of mine -who has no blog- as an author to my blog.I want him to have the choise only to write posts-not to publish-.Is there any way to do this?


    you can add new user on “Users” tab on top of the page



    Your friend needs to register a WordPress account. This is done easily enough, and you can even register to WordPress without registering a blog. Now, YOU need to go…

    Dashboard > Users > Authors & Users

    Go down to where it says ‘Add User From Community’ and enter the e-mail address that your friend used to register his account. Under role, select Contributor. Your friend will be able to write and edit his posts, but he will not be able to publish them. Now click ‘Add User’ and you’re done.



    yup. they’re both right.
    Try it, it will allow you and your friend to be the author of your blog

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