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    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this.
    I have added links before, but now it suddenly doesn’t work anymore. When I select a word, click the link-button, enter the URL, and click Update, I get a warning that I’m moving away from the page, and when I click OK I am suddenly at the overview page of all my posts. The link is not added (and the first time my whole posts was gone because I hadn’t saved it). How is this possible? Another problem is that clicking on ‘Or link to existing content’ gives no reaction, no search box. I tried it at two different computers now, and I really don’t get what’s going wrong, I do exactly as in the instructions on WordPress Support…
    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is


    There are some Internet Explorer issues right now in the editor. If you can at least temporarily use Firefox or Chrome, the issue will go away, and hopefully they will get the IE issue fixed soon (the editor is developed by a third-party so they have to wait for them to fix it).



    Aha, thanks for your quick reply. I’m sorry, I hadn’t noticed that was going on.



    It’s happening with my posts too, and it’s driving me crazy!! I imagine a lot of us are affected – I hope WordPress will let us know when it’s fixed!!!




    Thank You
    I too have been having this problem. A quick search brought me here and I can solve my problem quickly.



    These are the workarounds that some have successfully used:
    use Chrome;
    use Firefox;
    if you are on windows XP and cannot then even if you have IE8 upgrade your IE8 version
    insert links by using the HTML editor instead of the Visual editor;
    copy and paste links.

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