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    I really need your help regarding an issue. I have attached an image of my wordpress setting. I am useing the ” AWE Theme ” , in its setting, I need to add a link to the uploading image or to my text which I have pointed with red arrow in the attached photo below. Can you plases guide me how to do that ? is it possible?
    Thank you

    The photo attached :



    Hi @farahlucci, sorry we can’t help much with this! these forums are for the free sites using our managed hosting service, which can be quite different from running your own WordPress installation at another host.

    Try contacting support for your theme, as that may be your best bet. I wasn’t able to confirm whether I’ve got the right link, but you might try this:

    If that’s not right, try contacting the folks you bought it from.

    Here’s a link to the correct forums for self-managed sites, though I did not find a sub-forum for Awe there:

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