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    I have a cubic theme with a free plan, which means I cannot personnalize many things.

    I would like to add a menu on the front page. In order to do this, If I understood correctly, I have to buy a plan. I have a very restricted budget and I wanted to know if with the”personal plan”, I would be able to do this. Does this plan allow me to add a menu on the front page?

    The blog I need help with is




    The front page of does have a custom menu. I presume that you want a different style of menu on the front page, such as a standard header menu that extends vertically across the page. Is that what you mean? If so, then it would require what is referred to in the Plans comparison guide as Advance Design Customization. This would be CSS Customization, which is not available on the Personal Plan.


    Yes, I would want to have a header menu that extends horizontally on the page. Thank you for your answer!


    I was asking because on the personal plan, there is “Basic Design Customization”. And I thought adding a standard menu on the front page (like an horizontal one) would be something basic!



    You’re welcome. : -)
    Yes, I understand. But “Basic Design Customization” is also available on the free plan. This comprises the free options available at Customize, which vary by theme.


    Ahh ok I didnt know that, Thanks!



    You’re welcome!


    Hi paulinescobar,

    You might try the Pictorio theme. It has a grid layout for posts and a horizontal menu.


    Hi, @dcoleonline that’s a great idea, just what I was looking for, thanks!

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