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  1. stoughtonffaalumni


    How do I go about adding a form to WordPress? I'd like the members of our little community to be able to subscribe to our email list. I've tried creating a "page" with the html code but the output is incomplete. Any suggestions? We're using Yahoo Groups for the email list service.

  2. Hello...I have no suggestion because I'm a beginner, but I want to say that I'm also interested in this topic.

  3. Good day and welcome to wordpress
    I'm afraid you cannot add frames, forms, embeds or any javascripted items to blogs. The wp MU programming will simply strip them right out to preserve security on our multi-user blogging platform.
    Email notifications of posts are not a feature of wordpress blogs. Having your readers subscribe to your rss feed is the way to go.
    The FAQs blog is your friend and so is the forum search box :)

  4. stoughtonffaalumni

    Thanks. The email list we have isn't for letting the community know about updates on a blog. But I understand the rss.
    Kindest regards,

  5. Cheers :)

  6. You can always make a text widget and put your Yahoo Groups web address in it; if you make the link open in a new window, people can sign up on the Yahoo page and it should work just fine.

    Actually, that reminds me to do that for my literati group. Thanks for the poke in the butt.

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