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Add an About Me Page to main page

  1. I am totally confused. I did my first post which is an introduction, but I would like to have "About Me" as a page they can click on. I made a "new page" but when you go to my homepage it doesn't show up anywhere.

    So when you add a new page how does the visitor see them and how can I link them, say, on the top of my homepage?

    Thank you guys so much!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not to worry. In the Simpla theme to display links to pages go here > Appearance > Widgets and drag a Pages widget out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into the sidebar box. Then click "Save Changes".
    If you this is the first time you have moved widgets in that blog read this first >

  3. Here's the link to the support documentation. You can sort by Page title, Page order, or Page ID and you can "hide" selected pages from displaying too.

  4. Wow thank you Timethief! That was a fast response :)

    Is there a basic template I could use to get it up at the top? (seriously totally impressed at how fast I got a response)


  5. If you mean switch to a theme with top navigation, see here:

  6. Ok I've just found support heaven. I have never had this kind of support in a blog ever!

    Thank you! (two words seem so small for expressing what stress is removed when someone takes the time to help, but they are heart felt)


  7. You're welcome!

    (Yes, I think we volunteers here are proud of our forum!)

  8. As you should be! My other blog is very basic (not thru WordPress) and suits those needs very well. But I knew that I needed something more so was advised to come here. Now I know why. I am so looking forward to making my blog a sucess.

    You all are a true testimate to what 'support' means.

    Now...let's cook! :)


  9. @Red
    I'm smiling because it's so good to hear a happy blogger. Thanks for the positive feedback. :)

  10. I agree Red, I often get stuck here, and these guys have helped me tremendously especially timetheif here :D

    I have now been messaged and told my blog site is well presented and very professional, so thanks guys :D

  11. My About page is not clicking through to the content... any ideas why?

  12. If you have a theme that does not display Pages either in tabs or in the horizontal menu then you need to place a Pages widget in the sidebar of your blog. Once it's there there will be access to all static pages unless your choose to exclude displaying some.

    If this is the first time you have moved any widgets then know that there is default widget display in each theme. In some themes an About box that originally appeared in the sidebar will disappear when your begin to move other widgets here > Appearance > Widgets. Once you move a widget into that array the original display will be overridden by your choices so be sure to place all the widgets you want when you do this. More information here >

  13. Thanks for the quick response, however, I don't see where it actually walks me through to how I can fix it? My theme has an authors tab which I moved to the sidebar, but not an about. Does it have to have an about widget?

  14. Ther is no such thing as an About widget but you can create one using a text widget. Some theme supply an About display in the sidebar, however, as soon as you move any widgets that d"About" display will disappear.

  15. As timethief said, you need to activate the Pages widget.

  16. Also note that if you are referring to the blog linked to your username it does not have any Page tabs at all. The only way to access Pages on that theme is to use the Pages widget.

  17. I am using Ocean Mist as my theme and I see others have the same with an "About" tab on the header. How can I accomplish this and link it to my bio info? I am new to all this, so widgets are still a learning curve for me.

  18. @foodtalker: You just need to go to Pages > Add New to create and publish an About page.

    And please paste the URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your username to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know before Posting). Helps us help you.

  19. Would you please either post the URL for the blog in question when you post to this forum? Or link your blog to your username. Here’s how to link your username to your blog in your blog Dashboard –> Users –> Your Profile. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ and fill in the address of your blog and then click ‘Update Profile‘.

    How to write a static Page >

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