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    Pretty straightforward, add an edit button or at the very least an preview button, cause in my other topic for example I first used ubb which of course didn’t worked (which I could have been prevented by a preview button), next by mistake I left out the a in < a href… (which also could have been prevented by a preview button).

    This also gives wordpress a really bad image, cause if I would have checked these fora before using wordpress for longer then a week, then I would have certainly switched assuming wordpress itself must be programmed just as chaotically (which is not true, as I know half of wordpress’s code by hard :P)



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for hosted blogs only. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog you need to seek help at the forums, not here.

    If you don’t understand the difference, you may find this information helpful.



    I am talking about these forums… the place you posted this right now. Before reacting please at least read the topic title… that shouldn’t be too hard, right?



    Oh, so that was a standard response (as I saw it literally in another topic as well), I see… so your users aren’t even worthy of talking to a normal human. To be honest I am suprised survided until today with a staff using methods like this, especially as support is extremely important nowadays.



    We used to have an edit button and it was abused – so we removed it.

    You are posting about something that cannot be used here.


    That standard response was implemented by staff it make it easier on the volunteer here that answer the bulk of the questions. The and thing is confusing and at times I’ve seen fully a third of the posts on the main forum page be from people that are in the wrong forum. Since our software here works differently in key ways, and because we have restrictions here that self-hosted bloggers using the software from wordpress.ORG do not, if we answer their questions, we may be giving them the wrong answer for their self-hosted blog. I personally have seen times when I answered 20 of those posts from people in the wrong forum in the space of 20 minutes. If I’m doing that, then I’m not answering the questions from wordpress.COM bloggers.

    The volunteers here always check these threads that get the standard response to make sure that it was not an error because the person did not include the link to their blog or for any reason.

    Spend some time in the forums and you will see that this is probably the most responsive forum on the internet. The volunteers here are here because they want to help and to share their experience with those that need help.



    Back to the OP. I would appreciate an edit option. I trust the abusers from the past were just a small part of your posters and that you would not “punish” those who did not misuse the edit feature. For abusers, can you block that user’s IP address? I’d appreciate another review. Thanks! Jim Artis


    That is all up to staff as to whether it comes back or not, but I’ve been here long enough that I actually saw some of the abuse. I would like to have the ability to edit also, but I have learned to live without it. Perhaps at some point in the future it will come back. Perhaps not.



    Well, how about “preview” instead of “edit”. Allow us to get it right before posting.



    That might work. I got the impression the Edit button was removed because of Club Penguin drama. People would post something, people would react, then they’d go back and edit it to look completely different.



    i need the Attached the Article on this blog…


    @minivun, could you restate that please?



    It wasn’t the CP’ers fault for the edit button :)

    I like the preview idea – not sure if we do that in bbPress. I’ll talk to Mike.




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