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    I would like to know if it’s possible to add another link to the top navigation (home, archive, recently, etc). Where can I change this? Or does it depend on the theme? I’m using the WP nature theme at the moment.



    The top navigation links are in fact page links. As soon as you create and publish a page, the page title will appear as a link.



    I created a page, and that appears as a drop down when I move over the topnav link “pages”. What I want is another link next to pages, one that is visible all the time. I suppose this is in the template somehow, but I don’t know where to find this.


    We need a link to your blog so that we can look at it.



    and also here is another helpful link iot will aide the volunteers for future
    support questions you may have…

    Link » How to link your blog to your name



    In tags, the OP entered “nature theme” which leads me to believe they aren’t hosted here, but self-hosted. Also they mention a drop down in the top navigation, which is something no theme here at .COM has; another indicator of being self-hosted.

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