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Add author name/byline to posts?

  1. technologyofcopyright

    I am using the Pressrow theme with custom CSS. We have multiple authors. Is there a way to customize the CSS so that "By [author name]" appears in each post, below the headline, in normal fashion? Or is this just something that can only be changed at the theme level?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can either:
    - change it at the theme level (which, with no disrespect to Pressrow, is what I'd go for)
    - have authors manually put their names in posts

  3. Or use author names as categories or tags.

  4. technologyofcopyright

    Andrew: thanks, how would I change it at the theme level? Is this something I could do myself with the the basic (non-hosted) version of WordPress? I thought I was stuck with the provided themes and can't customize them?

  5. @technologyof copyright
    Please post the URL for the blog to which you are referring starting with http://

  6. technologyofcopyright

  7. I mean that you could change to a different theme. You are right that we are restricted to the themes provided, and that we customization is limited, even with the paid CSS upgrade.

  8. Here's a list of the themes that do and do not display author's names.

  9. Following the link, it's interesting that there are 3 themes that allow you to configure whether author name is displayed, and that all of them are relatively new to Looks like a trend toward customizable themes...

  10. I mean the link provided by tt (to Panos' blog).

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