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add bumpzee widget to a blog

  1. how do I add the widget to a blog - I guess you can't have javascript?... I don't know much about bumpzee but I am guessing I need the widget to get full benefits.
    MyBlogLog has a similar widget but is available non-javascript, so I can add it via a text box. Am I able to get one of these for Bumpzee please.

    Has anyone got a bumpzee widget on their sidebar - if so how do you do it?


  2. simple answer, no you cant. You cant have any widgets other than those provided. If there's a widget youreally want drop a line through the feed back system giving links and reasons why you want it.

    If they provided a standard HTML version with no flash or scripting, then yes you can have it in a text box. Just copy and paste the code

    Edit: Definatly cant have a Bumpzee widget cause it says in huge lketters on their site that its a javascript widget

  3. Maybe sending in a request to Bumpzee and asking for a non-javascript version would be helpful. Pointing out that other sites like mybloglog do non javaascript version would be a plus.

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