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    How do I add color and a nice box to my “more tags”


    Hi there,

    I’m not exactly clear on which part of your site you are referring to.

    Could you make a screenshot and upload it to your media library?

    Also, if you can provide a link to the page/post that you are looking to change, that will help as well.



    I loaded a screen shot under “webpage”. The link is at –

    Instead of the “continue reading”, I would like to be able to create a blue box with “read more” or something I can customize. Thanks much.


    Hi there,

    You could add something like this to your site’s CSS using the Customize feature:

    a.more-link {
    /*This determines the color behind the "continue reading" link.*/
    /*This provides a little spacing above/below (1px) and left/right (3px) of your link.*/
    padding:1px 3px;  
    /*This creates a border with a slightly different blue color.*/
    border:solid 2px #54a7b7;

    Feel free to change it to suit your needs.

    You can find more color options by searching the web for “hexadecimal colors”.

    We also have a guide to getting started with CSS here:

    Finally, we have a great forum where you can get help with other CSS related questions here:


    You won’t however be able to change the text “continue reading” to say anything different. This is coded into the theme and cannot be changed.




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