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    I would like to add the copyright symbol in the footer of my blog right where it says Blog at Is it possible to do that?


    The blog I need help with is



    It is possible using Customize Upgrade and then add it by making changes in CSS.

    I see you have already copyright symbol and message written in the footer widget (I would’ve recommend you the same), and it does the job well.


    Hi @ariannasrandomthoughts, you can add before the existing footer credits with the following. I included a color declaration and set it to red just so that you could easily see it. You can edit the color, and the content text, as you desire. I included the two colons just to give some sense of separation from the existing footer credits. You can keep that, or add a different symbol, or no symbols at all.

    #site-generator p:before {
    Content: "Copyright Your Name. All Rights Reserved. :: ";
    color: #CC0000;

    @thesacredpath – Done but it doesn’t work?! Any Suggestion. FoP-team



    @forestofpeace, what theme are you using. If you are using a different theme than @ariannasrandomthoughts then there is probably a different selector.


    Thanks so much @thesacredpath. I have a policies page that has a the copyright message so I wanted to include it on the bottom.


    SORRY, we just ‘Sight’ as Theme @mrdirby, @thesacredpath THX


    @forestofpeace, for Sight, use the following:

    .site-info:before {
    color: #CC0000;
    content: "Copyright Forest of Peace. All Rights Reserved. :: ";

    @thesacredpath THX, i try and it work but now we have “::”
    It this a must, not one : inav?


    No, you can remove those. I usually just add something like that to give some separation between the standard footer and the copyright text.


    Thanks, that’s mean overwrite without the “::”, right.


    Yes, just remove those from the content declaration.


    How do you also include a clickable link to the text that is added to the footer?


    How would I add a copyright footer to the bottom of my site w the Reddle Theme?


    @kelseycarlson, you cannot add a link with CSS only, however, sometimes what people do is create a link elsewhere and then move it to the footer area using CSS. Whether or not you can do that will depend on your theme.

    Can you please start a new help request and make sure to include a note about which theme you are using and exactly what you’re trying to add?

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