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    How about adding the ability to find blogs in a specific country? Thought about it and not as hard as initially I thought it would be if you added a new country field. But if a sort of some sort was allowed on the Language AND the Time Zone there would be the ability to do some sorting to sort of a country. That would make the search part the only part that is changed and not the Data Base (hard)

    I see people stopping buy the Forum on a regular basis looking to find blogs in their own country.

    Yes a country field would be the best.


    The blog I need help with is



    I definitely wouldn’t geotag my blog. The functionality exists already in, it’s just never been enabled from the user side.


    I Agree with this topic .
    only countries flags is necessary .

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    It definitely makes sense. Even on twitter, you can find trending topics in your country.



    To start geotagging, you must first activate the feature in your profile. Go to your blog’s admin and click “Users” → “Personal Settings” from the admin menu.
    Under “My Location”, click the checkbox to “Enable Geotagging”. …

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