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Add "Currently Reading..." column to blog.

  1. I'm using the Quentin template and I would like to know if I can add a column or whatever of what I'm currently reading. Thanks for putting up with a question from this newbie.


  2. You can add a text widget to your sidebar, and manually update it, if that is what you mean. How do you want it to work/look?

    We are a bunch of people here who would like to see a LibraryThing-widget, that would give covers and links.

  3. @pawnraider - You can add graphics of book covers to a text widget for your sidebar. If you don't know how to do that, search the FAQ for How to write links.

  4. OK. Got that but how do you separate each line so it all doesn't run into one sentence?

  5. Or write the list as a post, then link to the post in the text widget.

  6. pawnraider - what do you mean it runs into one sentence?

    Maybe all you need is to but
    after each line, but if you give us a link to what you mean, that would make it easier to understand.

  7. You have everything in one list element. Try this:


    • first book
    • second book
    • third book


  8. Hrm. Let me try that again:


    • first book
    • '
    • second book
    • '
    • third book
    • '

  9. Obvious issues there. I apologize. Replace the [ ]'s.

    [li]first book[/li]
    [li]second book[/li]
    [li]third book[/li]

    Again, sorry about the messed up posts. I can usually post code no problem.

  10. I typed it out as you have above and it does not look right.

  11. flaneur - use the backtick (on the key to the left of the #1 on your keybvoard)

    pawnraider - I think you just want a line between the names, right? Use this

    first book <br />
    second book <br />
    third book <br />

    If you want to use an ordered list like flaneur is referencing, use:

    <li>first book</li>
    <li>second book</li>
    <li>third book</li>
  12. You can just put `
    ' after each line and you can also use 1, 2 or more of those if you want more space.

  13. Just put <br /> is what I had wanted to type.

  14. Without the backstroke, wordpress is putting that in not me. 2 brackets with br inbetween.

  15. I think that got it. Thanks morris108 and everyone else.

  16. you can do that with css.
    to buy it go to your dash board & click on "upgrades" and you can get it from there.
    hope this helps!

  17. You don't need CSS to make that simple change.

  18. For making code for text widgets:
    I keep a private code test page (make a page, check the box in the editor that says keep this private or don't publish it and just keep it as a draft and then I also have all my widget text in case I switch themes or have a problem)
    and set up my text in the editor visually then switch to html mode and just cut and past. It saves a lot of work and might be useful to those not too conversant with HTML tags.
    (Sometimes the editor gloms it up with extra tags though if too many changes are made. Then one has to clear it all and start again)

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