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Add Custom Feedjit plugin to my blog

  1. How can i Add a custom widget to my sidebar ? I have the feedjit file and want to add it to my blog
    Blog url:

  2. Plugin's aren't available on blogs.

  3. If you find HTML widget code you want to use, you put it in a Text widget.

  4. I also want to add the Feedjit plugin to my blog but finding some difficulty so if there is a step by step approach to adding it, i will really appreciate the effort.
    Below is the name of the blog i want to add the plugin to.

    Blog url:

  5. Hello there,
    We can only use the HTML version (non-Javascript) so be sure you get the correct code. HTML feedjit code for blogs, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces, LiveJournal and Hi5 users >
    Step 1: Customize It! (Choose your color scheme, widget width, and the maximum number of entries to be displayed.)
    Step 2: Copy the code into your site HTML or into a text widget.

  6. it doesnt work ... before i used feedjit in my wordpress, but now in the new blog , i cant get it :(

  7. The non-Javascript version works very well.

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