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    Hey all,

    I have a query regarding adding a search feature in blog. I would like to add a custom search feature in my blog.

    Something like the one put up in this blog: .. They have a search feature for searching internships based on category, stipend and location.

    Can anyone please help how can such a feature be included in blog.



    What is your blog? We can’t help without the URL starting with http.



    You cannot add custom search but can simulate the effect. For example the posts which have property ‘a’ add a tag to it ‘tag_a’ and if something has property ‘b’ then add ‘tag_b’ to it. and thus tag the posts with appropriate tags. Keep a tag cloud widget on your side bar. When someone clicks the tag , they will see the results only having that property.
    Filtering posts with two or more property is difficult to simulate.



    It is possible to have custom search in your blog.
    Create your own Custom Search Engine ยป

    Upload a “search” image in the sidebar and link it to your custom search page, cos the actual code for the custom search engine won’t work at

    You can view the sidebar of this blog and locate the custom search engine. When you click the image, you will go to the custom search page.



    When you do have a custom search engine, search for a query. When the page finishes reloading with the results in it, copy the url from the address bar.

    Link the query to the url and have it in your sidebar. Have other queries linked like this.

    That will help your readers to access specific posts.



    @sanjidas .. I like the idea you mentioned… But plz go to the site

    Its a blog hosted powered by wordpress … It can be seen that there are three search parameters namely : Location, Stipend and Category. When you select a particular parameter value then you get results related to that criteria.

    I would like to add something like to my blog.


    @alchemist, we need a link to YOUR blog please.

    The blog you referenced is self-hosted. Many things that can be done on self-hosted blogs cannot be done here on the wordpress.COM free hosting service.

    If your blog is here, then there are some options that will get you close to that. If your blog is hosted on a third-party hosting service using the software from wordpress.ORG, then you are in the wrong forum and need to head over to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .

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