Add Cutline 1.1 Theme to, please!

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    Are there any plans to update the current Cutline theme to v1.1? Currently, I’m using Andreas09 and want to switch to Cutline but one thing that I don’t like about the current version available on is that it doesn’t have a tagline…but 1.1 does.

    Are there any plans to do so? Thanks, in advance.


    That would be great! Obviously I have good reason to favor upgrading to the newest Cutline. :) It’s unclear to me how often such theme upgrades are made here. I would think all themes here would be upgraded to newer versions (if available) in time, but maybe only occasionally. Anyone know?



    i think this should be forwarded to feedback, because not all threads are read by the wp team and sending to feedback will ensure it’s read.



    Good point, sulz. I’ll send it to feedback. Thanks.




    Updating a theme is not was easy as uploading new files. For the actual task that is all that is involved but for people who like what they have it could really annoy them.

    I get requests saying things like “Can we have the author’s name showing on this theme please” or “Moving the time and author under the post would make so much better” or “The header on this theme needs making bigger/smaller and it would look more attractive for everyone”. These are not exaggerations, not by a long way.
    Each of those is perfectly doable and each would have a flood of supports asking why we broke a theme that worked. So the balance has to struck between previous feedbacks about that theme, the actual improvements as they apply here (because we need to alter any code that does not fit our needs) and what can be gauged about any support impact.
    This isn’t a no because it will be considered, but I thought I’d try and illustrate just why it isn’t as easy as uploading files.



    Mark, thanks for the detailed reply – it’s always helpful to know what it takes to add/upgrade a theme. I understand where you’re coming from as I’m a Project Mgr in IT and manage 6 websites for my company. The requests you listed are information architecture change requests and I would agree that all sides must be taken into consideration before deciding to implement them.

    Perhaps, the WordPress Team could consider adding the Cutline 1.1 theme as a separate theme? This way, it helps avoid support issues from existing Cutline users. Thanks!



    As an aside, anytime I see the words “It would be much better for everybody” or “Everybody wants this” or anything else that the requester is somehow speaking for everybody in existance, whatever they’re asking for automattically gets a mark (No, not that Mark) against it.

    But that’s just me.



    A point for this upgrade:
    It seems that Cutline has evolved while being used, and since the authors have upgraded it (developed it), I think it would be nice if from time to time would update the themes that have newer versions available.



    If you would like to share your point of view with staff you can use this link during support hours to contact them



    I contacted support the other day with a similar question (whether they have plans to upgrade sandbox) and I still haven’t had an answer one way or the other. I’d be surprised to see Sandbox upgraded before it gets bundled on, and I can’t even remember what the timeline is on that.

    Staff will probably tell you that they’ll consider your request, but I wouldn’t take that too seriously. As well as the risk Mark mentioned of breaking stuff and upsetting people, there are a number of other obstacles: themes need to be heavily edited to work on (and a lot of that work might need to be re-done), there are too many themes to make it feasible to keep track of new versions (if we only had a dozen it would be manageable), and the majority of users would rather they spend their time adding shiny new themes than upgrading boring old ones.

    So theme updates are very low on the priority list. If you really want to run the most current version of a theme, you’ll have to install wordpress .org and download it yourself.



    Agreed and very well put as usual. ;)

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