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  1. I've tried to add a Zone Record for the domain but it asked me to contact support. Could you please add the Zone Record for me?

    I have tried updating the nameservers with my domain registrar but they seem to require IP addresses as well as the aliases you publish.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you please provide me with the IP addresses of the nameservers.

  3. The best way to map a domain to a blog is to set your domain's nameservers to the following values:


    I added a new DNS Zone record for your domain. This change may take a little while to be fully effective. Could you give it some time then try updating the name servers again?

    Here is the support article for your reference:

    However, if your registrar requires that you create A records, please note that our IPs change over time. Because of this, your domain might stop working at some point in the future. If that happens, please get in touch with us to find out the most current IPs and then update your A records accordingly.

    If you still want to go ahead and map your domain using A records, please be sure to create at least two, pointing to two different IPs from the list below:

  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm still a little confused, because the registrar wants the ip address associated with each nameserver, ns1, ns2 etc and there is no mention of A records (which would require a subdomain, if I've understood correctly). However I found a site which did a lookup and gave me
    IP address:
    Host name:
    This IP address is not in the list you gave me. Is this because the list is already out of date?

  5. Hi there, if you're looking for IP addresses to go with the name servers, that is something different than what Jenia was referring to.

    You could associate the IPs you find in your lookup with ns1, ns2, and n3, but please keep in mind that because we change those IPs regularly, you may encounter trouble in the future if an IP is no longer associated with one of our name servers. You'd then need to do another lookup and update the IPs at your registrar. To avoid this problem, it would be optimal if you could use a domain registrar that only requires the name servers and not the IPs.

    Just let me know if you have further questions.

  6. Thanks again for your reply. I am thinking of changing our domain registrar anyway, because they do not respond to emails or provide much in the way of customer support (unlike WordPress who are excellent in this respect :) ). However I wanted to get the domain mapped first as I have a self imposed deadline for getting that done this week!

    So first, I will do the lookup again and use those IP addresses on the registrar's form, and see if that works. If it doesn't then it will be definitely be time to move to a different registrar.

  7. If you need further help, just let us know - good luck!

  8. The nameservers have now been updated, as from this morning (WHOIS checks showed the new values) and I have made my primary domain, but now both and go to the home page of the old website. Curiously, if I enter I get a page on the new wordpress site. And if I then click on home, it takes me back to the old site home page. What is going on?

  9. Hi there - your domain looks like it's mapped correctlly to

    If that's not what you wanted to happen, could you please explain in more detail what your goal is so that I can help? You mentioned and "old" site - is there a different site that you wanted he domain mapped to, and if so, could you let me know the address? Thanks very much.

  10. Hi Kathryn,
    Ok, we had a site at, hosted by a company called Fasthosts. And until yesterday the domain's nameservers pointed to the Fasthosts nameservers. After a few attempts, I managed to update the domain's nameservers to wordpress. And when I saw that WHOIS had seen the updated nameservers, from the WordPress dashboard I made my primary domain.

    I expected that typing (www.) into the address bar would take me to the WordPress home page. But it doesn't, it takes me to the home page of the 'old' site hosted by Fasthosts. When I type in the address bar, it takes me to which is a page on the WordPress site. From there, if I click on Home, I go back to the home page of the site on Fasthosts!

    I haven't altered anything on the Fasthosts Control Panel, where the Advanced DNS option lists 11 A records as well as a MX record. But what I have done is copied some of those A records and the MX record to the WordPress DNS records (Store/Domains/Edit DNS).
    I thought the A records which I copied were all associated with email, which is still being hosted by Fasthosts.

    I'm sure I've missed a step somewhere, or misunderstood some terminology, and done the wrong thing. Can you help me sort this out please.

  11. Could you first please clearing your browser's cache?

    If that doesn't work, could you please try viewing your site in a different browser, where you haven't viewed your site for a while?

    If that still doesn't work, it could be that name servers may not have propagated yet at your end. Different ISPs take varying amounts of time to update their name server records. It may simply be that your ISP is taking a bit longer to update their name server records.

    You could also try clearing the local DNS cache on your PC, as sometimes those records get "stuck" and need to be cleared manually. If you let me know what operating system you're running, I'd be glad to send along instructions.

  12. I tried a different browser and everything was as it should be so I cleared the Firefox cache and restarted Firefox and hey presto everything is now ok with Firefox as well. The domain is now correctly mapped onto I have been checking the site/domain from a different PC at work today, and that wasn't working either, but I'm now confident that it will be ok when I clear the cache on that PC as well. Now I just have to make sure that email functionality is as it was.....and explain to our choir members how to clear their caches if they have problems seeing the new site.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Thanks for all your help.

  13. Glad to hear that clearing the cache worked. If you need further help, just let us know.

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