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  1. Dear personal,

    I need help with chancing address in my blog. I have old website I would like to use this domain in my new worldpress blog. How i can do this? I try to follow insturutions but it happen that i got my old site to wordpress instead gettin wordpress to my old domain address. Luckily it was possible to cansel..

    Thank you for your assistant


    I've tried to add a Zone Record for the domain but it asked me to contact support. Could you please add the Zone Record for me?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have manually added a zone record for your domain.

    You should now be able to map it here following this guide:

  3. Thank you for your most kind help. It seems i can´t get mapping working. I have done it four time and cansel it every time as i am affrait all the work wil vanice.
    It doesn´t show anything anymore. Do you still have some good advice for me Macmanx? If not, thank you anyway for trying :) br.Minna

  4. I noticed that your name servers are not directed to us. In order for mapping to work, they need to be:


    Please see

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