Add Edit & Delete Function To User Comment Section

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    It would be helpful if commenters on blogs would have the ability to edit and delete their messages, if necessary. Currently that function doesn’t exist. I know that on Facebook I use it ALL THE TIME. And I have seen it on other blogging platforms. I’m sure it would be a welcome addition to all Word Press users.

    Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

    The blog I need help with is



    I disagree with you. I am visually challenged and I have submitted additional comments requesting that my spelling and grammar errors be corrected for the stake of reader clarity.I would never ask for the substance to be changed nor would I ever consent to doing that on comments I have approved on my blog if asked to.

    I believe not being able to edit or delete comments without the permission of the person whose blog we posted them to:
    (1) helps us remain mindful that what we post online will be there for years to come;
    (2) also means that when a person replies to our comments the chain of discussion remains unbroken.



    P.S. I do support the addition of a 5 – 10 minute comment editing window though.

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