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    1. Email
    I tried adding email addresses by following your instructions on but it doesn’t seem to work. I sucessfully added all the neccessary addresses on my host but all the email I try to send still bounces.
    I changed the custom DNS in the WP domain settings to
    What could be the problem?

    2. Privately hosted blog limitations
    Just to check if I got this right.

    You can move your blog to a web host that allows editing and uploading of completely custom themes. You can find suitable hosts here.

    So this is what I want to do since I already bought a theme and realized afterwards you don’t allow uploading custom themes to, but it seems that even that won’t help since I would then have to map this domain to the new host, and:

    The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not enable the permission to use advertising, any kind of prohibited code, or upload additional themes or plugins.

    I got hosting at Dreamhost after seeing that it’s possible to upload custom themes to the installed WP, but even when I got private hosting and installed WP.ORG on it, I cannot upload the custom theme because the domain is owned by WordPress?

    And I cannot transfer the domain from WP since:

    you may not transfer a domain name for 60 days after its purchase or registrant contact information change


    Can you please confirm this or propose an alternative for solving my problem?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

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