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    I have tons of friends who want to receive my blog but do not want to sign up to write their own blog. I send email invitations, and they HAVE to start a blog to even get in the door. It’s complicated. Is there any way for them to sign up for my blog and be a part of that without jumping through all these hoops?


    The blog I need help with is



    They are not required to have a blog. This is what I found in the support documentation:

    Note that subscribers do not need to be registered with Anyone subscribing with an email address not associated with a account will be sent details of how to confirm and manage their subscriptions without needing to register at



    I am not sure how you send an email invitation to subscribe, but I have a “subscribe to my blog” form on my blog. I have a friend that gets it and she does not have an account with WP.


    I would suggest sending out an email and alert your friends to the fact that you have a blog and give them the URL and tell them they can subscribe to it to get updates via email. Then they can choose whether they want to go the email route, or whether they just want to bookmark the site and go there to see what you are up to. A lot of people get tons of email each day and don’t want to add anymore to their already overloaded inbox.



    They can also subscribe via rss, which is what I do with almost all the blogs I follow.

    A number of people subscribe to my blog via email, and they haven’t got a wp account at all. Most didn’t even have a clue what wordpress was before I started blogging here. A couple of them also subscribe using bloglines or another reading service. So you don’t need to tell people to sign up for wordpress accounts. Just have the subscribe widget in your page, and the rss one, as well, if you like, and be sure they know where to find the subscribe options.

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