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  1. How would I add forums to a wordpress blog? The kind of forums where people can have an account and talk back and forth with each other and talk about the content on my site.

    Thanks for helping.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can not install a forum in your WordPress.COM blog - you can link to a forum you have set up on a Forum hosting site - you can put the link in a Custom Menu or just link to it from your sidebar with a Text Widget, blog roll entry or I think an Image Widget would also work

  3. So I can't embed forums from a forum hosting site? I know I can with a blogger page, I cant do the same with WordPress?

  4. Correct - You can't embed a Forum at WordPress.COM - many of the Forum providers allow custom domain names - so if you had a custom domain name here you can probably map a Forum site as a sub-domain to your custom domain name here - yes a few dollars for the domain mapping and such but that would make the forum look like it was embedded -

    WordPress.COM severely limits some things here for security and reliability reasons

  5. So, if I want to add a forum, I would have to go with
    I will be buying a domain soon to change the URL of the address I have currently; I don't want to get into to complexity of doing everything myself with Is there a way to keep the simplicity of .COM and still have the features of .ORG?

  6. You can add a Forum on you WordPress.COM blog if you link to it - or link to it with domain mapping - your visitors will probably not really notice what happened - the only advantage to embedding a Forum on a WordPress.ORG install is everything is on you own host - more control

    A WordPress.ORG install is more work - when it breaks you fix it yourself - the software needs to be upgraded a few times a year - you need to learn about Plug-in's etc. And it costs more -

  7. There no message boards, forums or wikis that you can embed into a free hosted blog.
    You have three free workaround forum options:
    You have these free wiki options

  8. Morning Morning @TT

    Thanks for the links - I have misplaced the Forum notes I had

  9. ~~auxclass
    I'm the Volunteer who tags. You can always find what I post by using Tags. :)

  10. Noob question, what is domain mapping?

  11. This should help a bit :

    Hint: just make your blog work and see if the forum actually has people going there before you get too excited about all the ways to do things or make things too confusing

  12. That's how I want to start it. I'm not going to pay for something that people won't use, so... I'm just going to leave it out for a while, and see how trafic is on my site. If the traffic is good, I'll add a forum. In the mean time, people can leave comments.

  13. Thanks, those links were very helpful.

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