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Add fotos to sidebar (?)

    This is my blog.
    I want to add photos to the left sidebar.
    Any suggestions?

  2. FAQ

  3. The above covers adding photos on a permanent basis. If you want a few thumbnails that link to larger photos you can set up a flickr account and then use a flickr widget as I did. I'm not sure if flickr widgets are available in all themes, however.

  4. You can do that as well without the flickr business.

    Change the links as such:

    <a href="URL for the fullsized image"><img src="URL for the thumbnail" /></a>

  5. Yeah, but I'm getting old and lazy. The flickr widget displays the latest 5 I've uploaded and I don't have to edit a widget. After I finally figured out how to set it up. And I have used text widgets as well.

  6. Don't forget balding. :)

  7. I appreciate your time guys. Thanks, i'll give it a shot.

  8. Not a problem. :)

  9. Glad to help. Would've replied sooner but I couldn't find this post. Guess I'm gettin' befuddeled in my maturity also 8>}

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