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Add Google 1+ button to sidebar

  1. I'd like to add Google's 1+ button to my sidebar and I cannot see a way to do this with a site. Can anyone please help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. The address linked to your username goes to your About.Me profile. What's the address of the WordPress.COM blog you are asking about please?

  3. Hmmm, I did select my WordPress blog when I posted the comment above. It's

  4. Thank you. We're users like you, so we don't see what you selected in the drop-down.

    Now in regards to your question: to my knowledge, at, we can't put the Google +1 button on the sidebar, but we certainly can add it to the bottom of articles (which is what you are doing already).

  5. Shame, ta for the reply.

  6. You're welcome (even if it wasn't the answer you wished for).

  7. Will development guys pick this one? I hope they go like they did with G-B-Y verification code fields.

  8. BTW anyone can capture and image of their Google + button and upload it and link to their Google + profile, and place it in an image widget or a text widget that they place in their sidebar.

  9. Putting it in the sidebar is counterproductive, though, as it only allows people to + your blog as a whole OR a post IF they happen to be viewing that post's specific web page, not reading it in the main stream of your blog.

  10. So where do we get the html code to place the Plus1 button in our posts?

  11. @dcalves1: Under Settings > Sharing (no HTML code involved). More info here:
    (This document has not been updated yet to include Google +1, but the option is available).

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