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    i saw someone add google calendar to their blog but when i add it google asks me to verify the website but then im not sure what to do can someone plz help



    You cannot add a google calendar to a blog. But you can provide a link to one.

    You can add a google calendar to a blog.



    hello claytonc,

    do you really need to add a Google Calendar from namely “Google Apps for Domains” app. suit?

    have you already purchased a “Custom mapped domain” upgrade feature?

    I’m sorry but in the moment there’s actually an issue with an “uploading” (in fact one needs just to create a Page with an appropriate title/slug) HTML page for ‘Verifying Domain Ownership’.

    I don’t know whether it’s a real bug or an intended .com feature to prevent users from enjoying ‘Google Apps for Domains’ on .com — hope, it’s not the last.

    in any case, I’d suggest you to report this issue through the ‘Contact Support’ form, as there may be pretty much valid points to use the Google Calendar for Domains for a particular collaborative group [art]works.

    however, you can opt for displaying sort of a constantly updatable plain *regular* Google Calendar (not from “Google Apps for Domains” app. suit) on the sidebar of your blog.

    all you need is just to add your XML “Calendar Address” into one of the so called ‘RSS Widgets’.

    that’s the only (known to me) available to users option to add the updateable Google Calendar. not sure about other web calendar services, if any.

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