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Add HTML To Blog Header

  1. Hi -

    I'd like to add HTML to our Blog header in order to link back to our home page. When I go to the Appearance --> Header, I am left with options to only change the image or the text. What is the best way for adding code to to the Header of the Blog to allow it to click back to the home page. Do we need to host the blog on our own server? Currently we upgraded to own the domain, but are using wordpress hosting.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please click the header on your blog. It's permalinked to the front page of your blog already. No matter which page a visitor is on if the click the header they arrive on the front page of your blog.

  3. If you remove the Blog Title and tagline from here > Settings > General then the search spiders will not index.

  4. Pool supports custom menus. Create a custom menu and include a custom link tab in that menu that will link back to your main site.

    To turn the image at the top into a link is a tricky thing requiring the resizing and relocation of a text widget to the header area, and this is not something that can be done with all themes here, and it takes some good HTML knowledge as well as CSS knowledge to do it.

  5. Instead of going to the front page of our blog, we'd like the header to go to a sub-page on our website.

  6. The custom menu feature does provide what you want. Please read the section on custom menus and pay particular notice to the section on links.

    <blockqyote> Have you ever wanted to have a different title for one of your pages than the label displayed in your site’s navigation? Ever wanted to change the order of the list of pages to an order you chose yourself? Ever wanted to be able to mix pages, categories, and links in your navigation instead of your theme deciding for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck! The new custom menus feature will do all those things.

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