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Add icons to those social media????

  1. Every time I finish posting a post, there appears a message reminding me of various options I have open to me as a next step. One of them is to connect my blog to Facebook, Twitter, etc, but I don't understand. Does this mean that I have to have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, etc, or does this mean that even though I do not have accounts with those social media, I should add those social media icons on my blog to facilitate others to send my posts to their site????

    I do not belong to any social media although I do have two YouTube channels. I do not want to join Facebook, Twitter, etc.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can just ignore them. You are not required to join any social networks so just ignore and move along. :)

  3. So then, using those things is not something I can do even if I do not have accounts with those social media.

    It's not that I feel required to join Facebook etc. It's that if I didn't need to join, I would definitely and quickly use those icons for others to use to connect to their sites. I just didn't know how that whole thing works. :-)


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