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    Hi, I’m new to wordpress & but I know how to copy and paste! I have the css upgrade and I’m using the Adventure Journal theme. I’d like to keep the cool wood background that comes with the theme but add a logo (png) on top of it in the space above my header. Is that possible and how? What size should the image be, etc.?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.

    Here’s my blog:


    The site I’m referring to is a site, it’s not my site, it’s a client’s site and I need the responses to come back to my email. Thanks!



    We don’t provide support by email. We do require a link to the site in question.



    It looks like the OP is referring to



    Good catch! Thanks, wank.


    sorry, I just meant I needed to login as myself instead of as my client so the followup posts would come back to my email, not theirs.

    Thanks again for any help you can provide!



    Hello again,
    I flagged this thread for moving to the CSS Forum where you can get Staff help when I first posted above.


    To add a logo image to the top of the Adventure Journal theme, try this CSS:

    #container2 {
    background: url( no-repeat;

    I used an image from your blog as the example. You should change the image URL in the example above to one that you upload to your media library and copy down the image URL.

    For the size, I think anything 60 pixels high and up to 670 pixels wide would fit nicely. You can always make adjustments if you want something bigger.

    Side note: responses do get sent by email if you are subscribed to the thread.


    Also, once you make those changes, you should also click the Restore Original Image on the Appearance → Background page to remove the custom background with the logo in it that you had added before.


    It worked!!! Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

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