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Add image to blog, not post

  1. I want to add an image / logo, whether in jpg or gif, stored on my PC onto the top right of my blog homepage (not title area). Most info seems to relate to adding images to posts, but I want it on the blog.
    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you talking about outside of the main part of the blog, in the grey area?

  3. I, too want to add an image (already on my hard drive) to my blog.
    Wherever, near the top, it will fit.

  4. Please give us a link to your blog, starting with http, so we can help you.

  5. Thanks!


    The whole image is on the page, but I'd hoped to get it into
    the blue background at the top. It was possible, but was too large;
    I had to crop it, and wanted the thumbnail (now below header)

    Also: have tried for three days to change the category from
    "uncategorized" to "culture" -- no dice.

  6. Do you mean you just want the small image? Custom headers are a certain size; you either need to upload an image that size or upload a larger one and crop it, or a smaller one and stretch it. You might look around your Appearances page for a theme that has a custom header more or less in the same aspect ratio as the image you've got and use that instead.

  7. Thank you. I've tried it, but couldn't find one that would work
    as you suggest. So, can I just leave the thumbnail at the top
    of the blog, as is, under the header?
    (Loved the beaver video).

  8. apollosgirl
    You could use an image editing program to add white space around the picture to get it to fit into the header area. Photoshop or elements for example. I've seen others recommend some free ones online, and though I don't remember what they are, a search is bound to give you results.

  9. Thanks, Tess 1 and Raincoaster.
    It's reassuring to find those who are
    not as technologically challenged as I am.

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