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    At the bottom of my sidebar, there is an image titled “creative chef award” that I would prefer to put in my footer. How do I go about doing this?
    Here’s a link

    The blog I need help with is


    Where exactly did you want to put this? Since the image is narrow, it might look a little funny just centered in the footer area. What are your thoughts?


    I agree, but I don’t really want it on my sidebar, especially since it won’t center, so I’m not sure where else to go with it…



    What if it was centered in the sidebar? Then it would not look lop sided. Above my pay-grade to know if it can be centered but I think that would make it look OK.


    I’d recommend leaving it in the sidebar. Try adding it as an image widget instead of a text widget. Centering should work in either, but is probably easier to manage (in general) with the image widget.

    The “position:absolute” parts of your text widget are what’s making your current image alignment stay left in the “creative chef award” text widget.

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