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    i would like to add some image product with description on it. Which widgets wizard is fair easy for
    me to add some photo images and description also along with large image as well?

    Frankly, thanks to let me know



    Do you want us to write your blog for you, too? Seriously, are you missing that big search at the top of the forum?



    To add a large image next to your small image without taking up space, you could zoom it with Magic Zoom:

    There is a WordPress module here:



    That’s javascript, and it will not work on blogs.


    I can’t find the plugin button on the admin page in order to activate the magictoolbox for wordpress.

    1. Download the Magic Zoomâ„¢ WordPress image plugin.

    2. Extract the zip file and upload the files to “/wp-content/plugins/”, keeping the file structure intact like so:


    2. Activate the plugin in the ‘Plugins’ menu of WordPress.

    3. Add zooming to any image of your WordPress posts by referencing the small and large images. Reference your small image with <img> and link it to your big image using the CSS class of “MagicZoom”. Customise it to your satisfaction! Your code will look something like this:

    <img src=”example_small.jpg”/>

    4. That’s it!



    You will not find a “plugin button” on your wordpress.COM admin panel. No plugins here.



    As explained in other threads, you are in the wrong forum and need to be at

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