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  1. Could we please have a more direct access to our links? I'm amazed that on the dashboard, there's nothing that says "add link," or "you have 277 posts, 45 categories, AND 124 LINKS...". Similarly, when I click on "write a new post" there is nothing AT ALL under "related" (menu to the right) that allows me to go to my links or manage my links or view my links...

    This is particularly problematic when I'm browsing around, visiting new blogs, finding stuff that I like and would like to add to my blogroll, and yet, it takes me 5 clicks to be able to add these links. Could we maybe have something right at the very top of our page, where it says "my account, my dashboard, new post, NEW LINK"? Or at least something from our dashboard that allows us to "add a link" directly!

    Am I the only one to feel this way??

  2. There used to be a link this button that you could grab and drag to your toolbar. I've got one but I don't seem to be able to locate it in the dashboard right now.

  3. If you are logged in and at another wordpress.COM blog, you can click on the "blog info" link on the right end of the admin bar and there is a link in that pulldown labeled "add to blogroll".

    I've set up a folder on my bookmarks bar in my browser with direct links to the admin areas I use most often. Then it is just a matter of selecting the one I want from the bookmarks bar.

    Posts have nothing to do with the Links functions really, so that is probably the reason it isn't included in the related section on the post page.

    Personally I've never seen this as a problem. I just copy the link, go to my blog admin, click "manage" then click "links" and add it, but everyone has their own priorities. Things have to be quite special for me to add it to my links on my blog. I'm quite particular that way.

  4. [bangs head on keyboard]

    Vivian is right. It's located under "shortcuts" below the related items on the write page. Follow the directions for installation there and install it on your bookmarks bar.

  5. Don't bang your head, TSP, because that's not the right shortcut. That's the Press This shortcut, which is different from the Link This one. Press This allows you to grab post content, Link This allows you to grab an address for linking.

    I don't see the Link This shortcut in the dashboard anywhere - and it used to be there; otherwise, I wouldn't have it in my browser toolbar.

  6. OK, the Link This thing is gone, according to this thread. But there is a way to recreate it, the link to which is in the same thread.

  7. Too late, imprints of keys on forehead.

  8. But wp 2.7 will probably be a lot closer to what lulu13 would like:

  9. I can click manage, then links, then add, etc. but I just think it's weird that they just don't put an "add link" somewhere where it'd be easily accessible. It used to exist and now that it's gone, I miss it. WordPress is all about shortcuts and finding everything in one click... but not links. I have tons of links which I change/add/delete often, and I just miss this feature a lot. Thanks for your suggestions, even though it doesn't make my life easier ;)

  10. Vietnam? Never heard of it. You'd think there'd be some sort of website set up to impress travelers or something.

  11. Raincoaster, have you started talking to yourself? *g*

  12. Moi? I speak only to God!

  13. So, yes.

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