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    Normally I delete empty posts like this but the subject actually makes sense.

    Sort of… :)

    Care to explain what you mean by “add link for subscribers” please? I’m thinking maybe feed subscribers…



    You know, I thought I was in a search box when I typed that line. But, I am having trouble adding a rss feed button on my blog. (or add a button for someone to receive updates from my blog) I just thought if I kept reading I might find the answer. When I realized what I’d done, I tried to delete it. :)

    Mindy Wilson



    Your blogs feed should be autodiscoverable, in that a halfway decent browser will show a little RSS icon someplace when you view the page.
    Aside from that, your blog feed url should be something like

    Or were you asking about something else?

    Looking at your blog, your store feed url is
    You’ll need to put up an RSS widget in your sidebar if you want to show store items there.



    Actually the feed should be there automatically. Not sure why it’s not there now. I just tried the theme you’re using on my old blog and the feed links was listed automatically.

    Make sure your Meta Widget is in there. That’s where your RSS link shows up.

    Good luck,



    When in doubt, check the source.
    (tags squarified.)

    [li][a href=”http://[a h ref=”” title=”Subscribe to my feed, Groovy Inclinations” rel=”alternate”]Subscribe to Groovy Inclinations[/a]”][/a][/li]
    [li][a href=”http://”>][img src=”” alt=”” /][/a][/li]


    I’m pretty sure that first list item should read:
    [li][a href=”” title=”Subscribe to my feed, Groovy Inclinations” rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml”]Subscribe to Groovy Inclinations[/a][/li]

    You might want to look at your link and see whats going on… WordPress doesn’t normally generate garbage without a ‘lil help. ;-)


    I am very thankful for this informations…yes, I could have messed something up. For sure! I will be working on this and didn’t want someone to think I had ignored their responses. Thanks!
    Yes, I wanted a feed to my etsy store.

    “You’ll need to put up an RSS widget in your sidebar if you want to show store items there.”

    Mindy Wilson



    What is this with hidden source? Second time today.


    What do you mean hidden source? Or does this Not apply to me. I’m very confused and thing I may have broken my blog.
    mindy wilson

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