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Add link to home page at top

  1. Hi, I removed the link to the home page (the one that's over the default blue box), because I replaced it with a logo. Is it possible to have a link at the top (with the other pages) that goes to the home page? Like:

    Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Home

    | Welcome to my blog |
    | |
    text text
    text text Categories


    also, is it possible to have a page pointing to a direct link? instead of having /blog/?page_id=34, can i have /forum ?


  2. Hi, could you post a link to your hosted blog?

  3. it's not hosted on, it's independently hosted.

  4. Ok, then I will direct you to support

    We can't help any further unless it is a blog issue or question.

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