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    At the top of my blog, there’s a link/button for “home” and one for “about”. I want to add a third link up there but I cannot find where to do that. Searching is not coming up with an answer. Anyone know how to do this or can someone point me in the right direction?

    The blog I need help with is



    Those are pages. If you add a new page, then you will see it on top of your header along with ‘home’ & ‘about’


    Link to what? The header tabs (with the exception of “Home”) are links to pages you create.


    Is there any way to add a link in the header tabs to a page at another website instead of just pages I create in my blog?


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    Thanks I’ll give it a try.


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    It should work for you, with only minor oddness in the way it looks.

    But keep in mind that as far as I know, you can’t make that new page to open in a new window. That means that your readers will be directed away from your site.
    Some readers don’t like the “open in a new window” control done by websites or blogs, because apparently they prefer to set their own preferences. But as for a blog owner/writer, it might be a negative to direct readers away from your site. So a link in your sidebar would let you give your readers the link in a new reader and your blog would still be on screen.

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