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Add links above or below title in header

  1. I'm a novice, and want to add 5-10 links to info (maybe 1 page each) on the header. I'm not even sure what phrase to look up for help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can add as many static Pages and sub-pages (child pages) as we choose. The instructions are here.

    Do recognize that the theme you use Vigilance will not display sub-pages (child pages) and will only display parent Pages, therefore to provide access to them you will have to place the Pages widget in your sidebar.

    Also note that static pages and Posts are different

    Happy blogging :)

  3. Thank you. I now have 2 pages done. I want to have those pages appear at the bottom of the header exactly like you have them on your blog. How would adding the Pages widget to the sidebar get the pages into the header? (I'm not locked into staying with Vigilance.)

  4. Well, now I see I do have the pages in the header, but they are also in the right sidebar. Is there a way to get this duplication out of the sidebar?

  5. Hi Brian,
    I see that you gave created 2 static pages. Good show. You can pull the Pages widget out of your sidebar to remove the duplicated links in the sidebar.

    I was suggesting using it only when you have sub-pages (child pages). If you ever do need to use the Pages widget, note that the support documentation provides the instructions for excluding the titles of pages and or sub-pages pages you do not wish to be displayed.

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