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  1. connectingcookeville931

    I have a logo image uploaded but it is not appearing anywhere. How can I get the logo to appear in the header at the top left of the page!?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi
    There's a little more to it than uploading the image. Take a look at
    and see if that helps


  3. Here's the link for the free theme filter for that feature ie. site logo Your Pique theme is included.

  4. connectingcookeville931

    I realize I have to select add logo... The options are "remove logo' and "Change logo", yet the logo I have selected is not displaying anywhere.

  5. connectingcookeville931

    The theme I am trying to use is Harmonic.. Is it still possible with this theme to get the logo at the top? Or where is the logo supposed to show up when I upload it? Regardless if I cant get it at the top of the page, the logo is selected and applied, yet still not showing up anywhere.

  6. hi!
    Harmonic supports the Site Logo! is the overview.
    Help setting up the front page is here:

    If you are seeing "Remove" and "Change" site logo, that means there is a site logo there! Another way to tell if the Site Logo is up in the Harmonic theme is the Site Title goes away. Is the logo so close in color perhaps that you can't really see it?


  7. connectingcookeville931

    I don't know if it's just a glitch.. I have changed the logo to multiple things to see if that was the case. It still does not appear. I checked settings and none of the "hide" boxes are selected so it wouldnt show up. When I type the site name, that appears as I type. But there is still no logo anywhere even if there is a site name or not. Also, I do not know if this is related, but the "Tagline" doesnt show up anywhere either when I put words in that box. The only think showing up is "Site title"

  8. Hi theironkitchenfood,

    Harmonic only displays the logo and tagline on the Front Page template. You can change your Connecting Cookeville page to use that template by following this guide once you open the editor for that page. Just press the blue Update button once you change the template.

    Let me know if you need help from there.

  9. The current theme on the site is now Dyad 2.

  10. And it just switched back to Harmonic.

  11. connectingcookeville931

    Thank you so much! I switched my template to Front page and I see the logo. Last question, how do I change the pictures in each section on the main page from the default ones?!

  12. Hi theironkitchenfood,

    how do I change the pictures in each section on the main page from the default ones?

    I'm showing that you've switched over to the Lodestar theme now, but if you decide to go back to Harmonic, this part of the guide will help you change the background images for the front page sections.

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