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Add Map to Blog

  1. Greetings,
    I am trying to add a Google map or interactive map to one of my pages on my blog.

    I have added the HTML code to the page, but only text shows up, and sometimes a link. The code reads (I removed the source): <iframe frameborder=0 style='width:100%;height:500px;' src=''> </iframe>

    My goal is to have a travel map as a page on my blog......Any pointers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry I can't help with this but I do expect another Volunteer will be able to assist you. Reference link >

  3. Okay experts---who can figure this puzzle out? :)

  4. Zeemaps are not supported here. Google maps are.

    There's no way to get interactivity on the map that I'm aware of, however. All such options make it not embeddable here.

  5. Hi Raincoaster,
    Google maps have some trick about them, and I still can not add them to my "Page"....I think the side widget works, but inserted into the page, it just doesn't load but spins and loads up in preview, but not actually when it is "updated"

    This is on the bottom of the link you sent:
    "Additional Info
    When adding Google Maps to your blog, do NOT manually open the shortcode as you normally do with other services (i.e. do not begin typing the shortcode and then paste the Maps code). This will not work.

    Unfortunately, you can not add Google Maps to your sidebar. You could use the Email or IM link from Google Maps and place it in a text widget."

  6. Here is the updated page that won't work:

  7. It works fine. I can see the map perfectly. I think you have a browser problem, so try the Cookie Dance:

  8. Thanks Raincoaster--thank you for actually taking your time to help me, I really appreciate is now working! Cookie it, cleaned it all up.

    Here is one more question for you....a refinement question: The map is all zoomed in, do you know a way to get a view of the map as a world view and not zoomed in?

  9. I think you would have to take the URL etc of the map when it was zoomed out; I believe that information is in the code you paste into the blog. You can try it.

  10. Thanks again...found a "customize you map" underneath the link and embed code area..

    I consider this discussion now closed. Success!

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