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  1. Why there is no more image size of 450 x 300 available? This size should be put as one of the option because it fits the screen.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When you select the Full Size option, you get the size of the original, if the original is narrower than the maximum the theme allows; if it's wider, you get that maximum.
    The Thumbnail, Medium and Large options are supposed to be three different options for further scaling down. You set the defaults for these options in Settings > Media. You set the default width for thumbnails to whatever you prefer, and the default widths for medium and large to, say, around 1/2 and 3/4 of the maximum. If an image you upload is smaller than the default for one of these options, the option will be greyed out.

  3. Thanks, I'll try.

  4. I can't find the option for setting media because the size are fixed for thumbnail, medium and large (too big >1000). The size that fixed for the screen is around 450. I prefer the previous format which was more user friendly. Please help. Thank you.

  5. You're welcome. But what I tried to explain is that the sizes are not fixed. You set them yourself, according to what you prefer and what's best with the theme you're using. Dashboard sidebar > Settings > Media.

  6. Thanks again...

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