Add media not working today?

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    Using IE7 under XP SP2. In a new post, I can upload my images, but when I try to “insert into post” I get a javascript error and the media window goes blank without closing. I have to click the “X” button to close it to get back to the post.

    If I try to do the same in a published post, the window closes OK but the image is not inserted into the post.



    This option has NEVER worked for me since the change to the latest stupid release, so I don’t think you have discovered anything new :-)



    kfsone, are you using the browser uploader or the flash uploader?



    I too have had this problem
    its never worked for me since the changes
    and I have tried both the browser uploader and flash uploader
    I havent been able to upload any video or images
    so Im thinking of bailing if it keep like this
    it sucks



    What browser and version are you using?



    I have read many articles in this forum. I can’t insert any photos to the post! I never had this problem before the change in WordPress!!
    I tried many ways:
    * browser uploader
    * flash uploader
    * clicking on gallery, clicking on ‘show’ and inserting a medium-sized photo.
    I cleared my browser (under ‘tool’, ‘internet option’ etc..)
    Nothing works and it’s frustrating. I am starting to regret moving my blog to wordpress!

    my URL:


    I can’t put pictures in either.
    I don’t bother blogging now and I miss it.



    What browser and version are you using?



    Everything was going fine re: the new dashboard until now… I can’t upload images from “my pictures” anymore.

    IX7 Vista

    Can anyone help?

    With thanks.



    I’m having the same problems. Using the latest flash, Vista, IE7.



    Have you tried a different browser? Firefox works well for many people.



    I’m having problems too, my photos won’t size properly. When the new release was first launched my photos were being automatically reduced in size, which I did not want. I was able to resolve this issue by switching over to the latest release of Firefox instead of using Safari. A couple of posts ago I started having the same problem again and have just spent 1/2 my evening trying to resolve it, with no luck. I have emptied my cache, uninstalled and then reinstalled Flash (the latest version for Macs running on an Intel processor) and have tried inserting photos into my posts every way I can think of, including as shown in the 2 minute video. I’m not sure what to do but this is not going to work out for me if I can’t find a solution soon, which is unfortunate because up until now I have loved WordPress and want to continue using it.



    I have tried all suggestions and it is not working for me either (since the update). I am using Firefox too… ARG!

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