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    I am an administrator of my blog, but more often than not the upload/insert buttons do NOT work (no response) at all in Edit Post.
    Also, usually the link icaon is grayed out.
    Please help!

    The blog I need help with is


    The link icon will only be active when you have highlighted some text in the editor. I’ve noticed that once in a while, if I highlight some text, and wordpress does an autosave between my highlighting the text and then clicking the link button, but the link button will be inactive. I just highlight the text again and it becomes active.

    Typically when there are issues in the dashboard, logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restarting your browser and then trying again will solve the issue.

    What browser and browser version are you using?



    I’ve been doing this in Firefox 5.0 on one computer and IE 7 in another.
    I’m THRILLED you’ve answered so quickly with this tip about the link and I hope it’s the same for the Insert/Upload media as well. I’m going to try now. If they don’t work, I’ll do the clearing, restarting, and trying.
    Thank you A MILLION times! (or more? if it works, it’ll be a g-zillion times!)


    FF 5 isn’t even yet a dream as far as I know. FF 3.5.x is the current release, and FF 4.0 is either in alpha or beta testing.

    If you are using a alpha or beta release of 4, then that could be an issue. WordPress never does any compatibility updating for browsers until the full release. It is like trying to hit a moving target.



    Oops! Of course! They’re still dreaming about FF 5! It’s version
    BUT, the link worked when I selected text. The Insert/Upload add media did not. I cleared cache and then the Insert/Upload add media worked like a charm!
    I’m now happy. If you’ve checked my blog you might see why.
    :-) Many thanks, again!


    I would suggest updating Firefox to 3.5.x if you can (XP and above – won’t work with Windows 98 or before).

    Another suggestion I would have is to reduce the image sizes in the sidebar so that they don’t hang over the right edge. Some browsers may have an issue with that, in particular Internet Explorer, which has no sense of humor at all.

    I’m glad things are working for you now and you are welcome.

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